Aquatic Invasive Species Risk Calculator

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Launch Traffic
Lake Name:
Number of residents:
Number of public launches:
Fishery Scale (1 poor - 5 excellent):
Recreation Scale (1 poor - 5 excellent):
Miles from county/state highway:
Capacity of campgrounds/resorts:
Number of weekly temporary visitors:
Number of weekly boats visiting residents:
Boats coming to launch with weeds:


Lake Environment
Size of lake in acres:
Littoral (% of lake where plants will grow):
Trophic state index (30-clear <-> 80-algal):
Native aquatic plants (1-sparse <-> 5-dense):
Lake bottom (1-rock, 2-sand, 3-muck):
Acres Potential Impact:
Acres Forecast Impact:

Forecast Impact is for aquatic macrophytes such as Eurasian Watermilfoil, Curlyleaf pondweed, and Hydrilla.
Potential Impact could represent Zebra mussels or Spiny waterflea.

AIS Impact
Number of days launch is monitored:
Average number of hours per day:
Start time of monitoring:
Number of lakes with AIS within 20 miles:
Popularity of nearby AIS lakes (1 low-5 high):
Number of lakes within 20 miles:
Effective Inspection Hours:
Percent launch exposure:
Number of boats that may launch Weeds:
Number of boats that may launch AIS
Cost to treat lake:

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